Waffles?….No!.. Jaffles.

Every time I type the word Jaffle, it autocorrects to waffle.  Well I suppose it’s not an American word.  It’s more commonly used in Australia and South Africa.  So what is a jaffle?  Its a toastie, or a snackwich, or a toasted sandwich and also known as a breville.

When I’m out doing street food, I use a jaffle iron to make these delicious sandwiches, held over a flame until toasted.

The most popular jaffle seems to be my mince (ground beef) jaffle.  I use garlic butter on the outside of the sandwich (can never go wrong with garlic), which makes it brown nicely and makes it taste amazing.   I tend to cook creatively, which makes it hard to nail down a recipe, however I will try – I do suggest you adjust to taste…recipe below.

I will say one thing about cooking – it is so important to enjoy it and cook with love.  I ran an experiment once with some staff.  I gave them a recipe to follow.  The lady who loved her job and loved cooking made a really tasty dish, but the lady who was miserable – following the same recipe, made a mediocre dish.  I don’t know what it is, but it definitely makes a difference to taste.


Jaffle Iron


Bovril & Cheese Jaffle



Bacon & Egg Jaffle


Mince Jaffle Recipe

recipe ground beef


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