Is it a car, is it a truck, is it a bike?…No! It’s a Tuk Tuk

tuk tuk


…. Is it a car, is it a truck, is it a bike?  …. No it’s a Tuk Tuk!

Gourmet Girl’s Food Truck  is a cute pink Tuk Tuk, and driving around Port Elizabeth in it gets a lot of attention.  I love how people smile and wave, and everyone I’ve spoken to so far loves it and thinks it’s adorable…. Although I’m sure they don’t think it’s so adorable when they get stuck behind me going up a steep hill, putting and straining at 10km’s an hour!  Top speed on a down hill is 50km’s an hour.  Yes the tuk tuk is slow but it’s a fabulous vehicle and I love it.

As food trucks go, it’s not your traditional type of food truck but it is very versatile and actually has an incredible amount of storage.

After having it customised and painted by some very talented, people at JT Pipe & Steel last year, I was finally ready for business.  You can find me at markets and events.  I am a regular at Baakens Food Truck Friday, and also park on the corner of Cape Road and 2nd Ave Newton Park a few days a week.  Gourmet Girl does custom catering for any event, wedding cakes, birthday cakes,  or any occasion cakes, cupcakes and cake pops.

Food Trucks are becoming very popular to have a weddings and parties to add a street theme atmosphere, so contact me for a quote.

My motto is to do simple food well….

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Hope to see you all out there…hoot and wave if you happen upon me…and remember to be patient if you’re stuck behind me… 😉

– Gourmet Girl.





  1. Aaru's Mom says:

    There are “cabs” like these in India called tuk tuk! It looks lovely and very unique! 🙂

    1. Hi there, thank you :), and yes that’s right. Mine is also from India.

  2. Teeniebum says:

    Love this 🙂

    1. Thanks so much 🙂

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