Port Elizabeth is known as the windy city, so you can imagine the challenges it brings.  Not having the type of food truck that I can stand in and be sheltered…I have a table set up outside.  So I decided to get a wind shield as my burners don’t stay alight when its windy…can imagine how grumpy customers get when they are waiting and salivating for my scrumptious pancakes hehe.

A friend of mine built me a fabulous shield that fits nicely around the table acting as a sort of counter at the same time…So, the first time I decided to use it was at a ladies walk.  The weather was miserable, raining and gail force winds.  But I persevered…I had just managed to fasten it to my table – might I add this was at 5:30 am – when a gust of wind, much to my horror,  took the shield and my table, and flipped them.  I eventually weighted it all down with some borrowed bricks and needless to say the event was a disaster.  The windshield was also a mess – masonite and water don’t go well together!!

My next challenge was to make it stronger.  Not having anyone (men) available to help me, I decided to take on this project on my own…who needs a man’s help I declared!!  I painted the shield with chalk board paint, thinking it would make a fabulously large menu board, and I then set out to cut mitre corners on the pieces of wood I had bought.  I used a wee jigsaw, not as easy as it seems, but managed to cut some fairly straight corners…just not all at the same angles.  Oh well, it was after all my first wood working project.  I then got some short nails and hammered it all into place.



I was very proud of myself!!

So I set off to do a big music festival, expecting thousands of people.  The predicted weather was going to be good and not too windy, yay.

But…setting up the board, it started falling apart.  I was devistated and decided then and there I would leave wood work projects to men. But was not all bad and still used it.

music fest 2

note the missing bits :D. (Yes that’s me)

Despite the board, the festival was amazing.  We made pancakes for 12 solid hours, not stopping and went through 30 odd litres of pancake batter.  Now four days later my body is still recovering and every last peice of wood has fallen off the board hehe, so any male applicants to fix it for me are welcome!! I will pay in pancakes 😀

I love the atmoshphere of doing street food.  People are usually relaxed and having fun and love the concept of food trucks.  Looking back over my career going from graphic designer, to kitchen designer to this…I wouldn’t change it for the world – well unless I won the lottery then I’d travel the world – or even better travel the world in my little pink tuk tuk!!



Above: Shaz, one of Gourmet Girl’s fabulous team members.

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