Christmas Already??? How did that happen??

Can you believe Christmas is on our door step yet again…all I did was blink hehe.  2016 has been a very good year, a very tough year but a year that I have learned so much in, grown in, got new perspective and the birth of new business adventures.  I am excited for 2017 as I’m sure it will be another amazing year of growth and new ideas.

This coming Friday we are having our second Baakens Food Truck Friday


The first one last month was an incredible success, many more people than we anticipated turned out.  We know many of you waited in long queues and we appreciate your patience, however we don’t want to put you through that again so this time we are happy to announce 5 new vendors and lots of fun entertainment for kiddies and parents, so if the queue is a bit long you won’t be bored!

Right!!! What’s going to be on my menu on Friday??

Savoury Fillings – creamy ham, mushroom and asparagus, and a savoury mince one…delicious!!!

Now make sure you leave room for desert hehe and try my NEW filling – Apple Pie in a pancake served with whipped cream!!! It is absolutely scrumptious.  (Recipe below)


And for those who love tradition, I will be filling a pancake with fruit mince topped with brandy flavoured buttercream….yummmm.

Christmas mince-pie-filling

…and of course I will have my usual cinnamon and sugar, caramel, chocolate and milk tart fillings with the options to add bananas or strawberries.

My mouth is watering just writing about all the yumminess.  So don’t miss the Christmas Baakens Food Truck Friday – bring your chairs and picnic blankets, kick back and enjoy the amazing atmosphere with some of the best food in PE, great music and lot’s of family fun.

See you there!!!





2 Apples of your choice

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tbs sugar

1 tbs butter


Peel, core and slice your apples.  Place in a pot with water and  1tbs sugar, simmer over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until soft.

Reduce to low heat

Add butter and stir in until melted, then add cinnamon and remaining sugar – adjust to taste.

Optional – add a splash of sherry for a bit of a kick

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