But is the customer always right?

I’ve had some extremely challenging customers throughout my career, and I’ve had some amazing customers that have become friends.  Some have been gracious when I’ve made mistakes and some have been demanding and mean while I’m running around like a headless chicken.

I have had a few funny incidents, one of them was when waitressing many years ago in the USA.  I was serving breakfast to one of my regular customers and upon clearing her plate I somehow managed to drop the left over scrambled eggs into her open handbag on the floor.  She gasped, I gaped and out of my mouth popped. “You wanted those to go right?”  Hehe, she was gracious.

When I was working for a big design firm in San Diego, I was awarded a trip to Texas for top sales of the quarter.  As I walked into my luxurious hotel room and flung myself on the bed grinning from ear to ear with joy and pride, my phone rang and one of my clients wanted to know how dare I leave town.  I assured her that her construction was not interrupted and our very capable Contractors were working like mad men to keep up with her constant design changes and mood swings – well I didn’t add that last bit out loud – she wasn’t appeased but then there wasn’t any appeasing her anyway.  We did finally finish her job and she was finally satisfied, whew.

But what ever their mood or personality, one thing is for sure, they may not always be right but they certainly all deserve my very best.  And that’s what I strive for.

I am really grateful for my customers, they keep me going, not just financially but because I love people – the interaction, the camaraderie, the joking, the interesting stories they tell…all of it!  I love them and would never want to do any job that didn’t involve people.

So to all my customers out there past, present, repeat and future – a big THANK YOU!!!



  1. Dealing with difficult customers is always a challenging part of a client facing job but without customers you wouldn’t have a job. I’ve learnt to suck it up, put on a smile and punch it all out at gym afterwards 😉

    1. hehe yes good plan 🙂 but yes without them we wouldn’t be in business

  2. Chantal says:

    I love your sense of humour Julie – eggs to go 😀 :D. And I love the humbleness in appreciating every single customer. Looking forward to the Food Truck Friday!

    1. Ah thanks Chantal… yes me too 🙂

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