A day in the life….


Beep, beep, beep….argh the annoying sound of my alarm clock at 4am.  I crawl out of bed, make some coffee, get back into bed where my cat is still snuggled.  She whines a bit as I disturb her.  I love this time of day, tucked up with my cat, my coffee and my bible.  Best way to start the day.  Don’t have long to dwell here though, today is the day of a festival.

With the first cup of coffee doing it’s job, I get up and start prepping for the event..a music festival.  I never know how much stock I’m going to need.  I will only be doing pancakes today so that keeps things simple.

Glancing at the clock, it’s 5:30am, batter mixed, all equipment lined up at the front door ready to be loaded in the tuk tuk.   I’d better hurry, I have one hour to get showered and packed.

6:30am, tuk tuk is loaded and I go back in to turn the alarm on, rushing now I nearly trip over my cat who has woken up and is wrapping herself around my legs.  I give her a quick cuddle and explain that I will be back later.

I always feel guilty about starting my tuk tuk so early on a weekend morning, so taking the hand break off, I let it run down the hill and once cleared the neighbours I jump start it..it really is very loud.

Right, I’m off, nice and quiet on the road at this time of day.  Chugging up Cape Road I notice a traffic cop pull up next to me, looks at me and proceeds to signal to me to pull over….you’ve got to be kidding me, I’m going to be late!

“Morning officer, what seems to be the problem?”

“Morning lady.  You were driving very nice and slow and holding up the traffic”

traffic? at this time on a Saturday morning?

“Um officer, this is a tuk tuk! they only go 40 kilometres an hour, I can’t go any faster”

“licence please”

“Um it was stolen, I have a case number”

I give the officer the details, he calls it in, I’m stressing big time.

“Lady, please get out of your vehicle I want to show you something”

OH NO..really?  I contemplate taking off but we all know how that would go, so I get out the vehicle.

“Lady, your tyres are smooth, you need to replace them”

I can’t take it anymore and burst into tears.  The poor man has that typical man look when a woman cries, takes a step back, puts up his hands and tells me don’t  worry!  (about a thing, coz every little things gonna be alright…immediately the song gets stuck in my head) He asks where I’m going.  To work.. I’m still sobbing uncontrollably.  He lets me off with a warning and a wish for a successful day.  Really nice man that.

Back into the tuk tuk I go and trundle as fast as I can..  Arriving at the festival, I park and set up.  Rushing to get it all up and running before the hungry masses arrive.


Sharon, the young lady who works for me, arrives and we get stuck in… we fly through the first ten litres of batter, mix another 5 madly, then another.  I call my bestie in a flustered panic to get more supplies for us…this queue is just not going down.


Music blaring all around, people laughing, eating, drinking and having fun.  I’m joking and laughing with customers as we go.  8 hours later food would be nice…bestie to the rescue again.  10 hours still going strong…25 litres used, 12 hours later still going, not so strong.  30 litres used.  5 pancakes left, let’s pack up…packed up and all pancakes sold.  I can’t move very well, my back and legs hurt.  But I have a huge grin on my face.  What an amazing day!!

19 hours after getting up I finally flop onto my bed.  Exhausted, satisfied, happy because I love what I do.

beep beep beep…4 am Sunday morning…and off I go again.




  1. Luke India says:

    At 4 am I just started dreaming my second dream – lol.

    Seriously though, I would love to experience a day in your life.

    1. haha well maybe next big event 😀

      1. Luke India says:

        That sounds like a plan 😀 !

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