Cake Chaos

You CAN have your cake and eat it 😉

Last Thursday I went for a run….no not for cake. I ran a kilometre at top speed…in flip flops, screaming at the top of my lungs all the way!! My neighbour was really impressed by how fit I was, while people in the street only saw a mad woman I’m sure.  A few stepped back with shocked looks on their faces.

The reason for this mad dash was due to two thieves snatching my bag off my shoulder as I was unloading ingredients for a wedding cake I was working on.  Sadly I didn’t catch them, as I’m not fit – bless my neighbour’s cotton socks – but it was adrenaline.  And not to mention they were young :p and seasoned criminals I’m sure.

Of course I was in shock and had to take rescue to calm down, which worked…so well that I was too calm to do much work after that and somehow managed to fulfil my catering obligations that afternoon and evening.

The next morning at 4am I crawled out of bed after a fitful night and started putting the cake together – fortunately I’d managed to get it all baked before the incident.  And miracle of miracles, without my glasses (they were in my handbag grrrr), and on time, I delivered the wedding cake.  God’s grace I tell ya!!!

Fundi-wedding cake
Wedding Cake

The bottom tier was the always popular red velvet, the second tier – moist chocolate and the third, my very much loved carrot cake, all filled with cream cheese buttercream..  The top tier was a dummy (styrofoam), and the butterfly I made with fondant/gumpaste and used royal icing for the lace details.

Mosey on over to my Facebook Page and check out the cakes I’ve done.  I can do any custom cake to suit your personality, theme or event.  Give me a call for a quote.


  1. Gorgeous! I had a wedding cake to do over the weekend and I was nervous as heck and I didn’t even have my purse stolen! Glad you are alright!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes wedding cakes are stressful enough on their own

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